среда, 31 августа 2011 г.

VSK invests about 1 billion of rubles into IT in 2011

The "VSK" OJSC invests about 1 billion of rubles into IT in 2011. It has been announced by Sergey Tsikalyuk the VSK Board of Directors in an interview to AK & M. "In June in partnership with Microsoft we are redirecting our branches in Moscow, Voronezh, Kazan to the ERP-system. All subsidiaries will be redirected to this new platform by the end of this year. "It is also planned to introduce an insurance program plan", - says S. Tsikalyuk. Read more.

понедельник, 29 августа 2011 г.

Precious metals: Gold will not drop more than $ 20

The official spot prices for precious metals on the session results on July 29th in New York changed its directions and made: Gold - 1628.2 $ / ounce (0.62%), silver - $ 40 / ounce (0.43% ), platinum - 1785 USD / ounce (-0.45%), palladium - 833 USD / ounce (0.12%). "Get out of the market share - the Dow Jones index will rise or fall by 150 - 200 points but the uncertainty will remain the same in any case nevertheless it is approved on time or postponed. Read more.

пятница, 26 августа 2011 г.

Nicholas "Nibulon" invests $ 50 million into Kherson Oblast.

This was the topic during the meeting between Alexey Vadatursky (a hero of Ukraine) the General Director of "NIBULON" with Nicholas Kostyak the State Administration chairman of Kherson Oblast on July 21, 2011 according to the State Administration press service of the Kherson Oblast. There were discussed questions dealing with the regional cleaning company, the situation in the agricultural sector and in the "NIBULON" company with realization of its investment projects. Read more.

среда, 24 августа 2011 г.

Mirax Group has become the sole owner of the Groupe Hermitage.

Mirax Group Corporation of Sergei Polonsky has become the sole owner of the Groupe Hermitage the former French "daughter" of the "Stroimontazh" holding. It has been announced by the "RIA Novosti" news agency with reference to the Groupe Hermitage representative. As it was noted, the transition of the Hermitage company from one group to another had taken place back in 2009. At the same time the company name was changed with the Groupe Hermitage. Read more.

понедельник, 22 августа 2011 г.

"AvtoVAZ" will release new 7 cars during next 3 years.

Volzhskiy car factory will release new 7 cars until the end of 2013. Igor Komarov the "AvtoVAZ" president has told about it to the "Vedomosti" newspaper. The following models that will be produced in the near future are: Lada Granta (a budget model, fall 2011), R90 wagon, F90 commercial vehicle based upon sedan Renault Logan (first half of 2012). Nissan production will run in the third quarter of next year in the "AvtoVAZ" which will get "Logan" base. Read more.

пятница, 19 августа 2011 г.

Li Ka-Shin has offered to buy British Northumbrian nearly for $ 4 billions.

The richest businessman of Hong Kong - Li Ka-Shin continues to buy British utility company. The businessman has aimed this time at purchasing of Northumbrian Water that provides water supply and related services in the county of Northumberland in the north-east of England. Read more.

среда, 17 августа 2011 г.

Porsche invests into a research and development center.

The Dr.Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, company Stuttgart has symbolically dropped first dig which means the beginning of works concerning expansion of the research center in Vayzahu. It will be enhanced by the modern design center, a wind tunnel created by the latest technology and electronic technology center. Porsche invests about 150 million of euros into this project. The construction start ceremony has been attended by high-ranking persons including Vayzaha Ursula Kroytel - the mayor. Read more. 

понедельник, 15 августа 2011 г.

Railways will spend hundreds of millions of rubles on an alarm nearby "the Sapsons" route.

The "Russian Railways"- a state company will assign 360 million of rubles on additional security measures nearby the high-speed section of the Octyaborskaya Railway in 2011. It has been announced on the official page of the company. Read more.

пятница, 12 августа 2011 г.

SOCAR invests $ 100 million into the Petkim in 2011.

Investments of The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) into the Petkim a Turkish petrochemical holding have made $ 100 million in 2011. It has been announced by Vagif Aliyev the Head of the Investment Company. A large container terminal will be built in The Petkim in order to increase volume production rates according to Mr. Aliyev. Read more.

среда, 10 августа 2011 г.

The Housing Fund has earned 6.7 billion of rubles on securities.

A State Corporation Fund which assists to the Public utilities reform program (The Public Utility Fund) has completed a program of temporary investment means into securities. The net income has made 6.7 billion of rubles according to the press-service. Read more.

понедельник, 8 августа 2011 г.

Capital movement: EM extracted $ 68.2 million from Russian funds.

On July 13th the funds investing into emerging markets recorded a moderate outflow of funds - 68.2 million of dollars. $ 50 million were outflowed from the actively managed funds and ETF country funds and $ 18.1 million were outflowed from the "Uralsib Capital".The most preferable fund among international investors is the Asian funds. Its net inflow of $ 62 million - was nothing compared to the 634 million of dollars on July 6th. Read more.

пятница, 5 августа 2011 г.

China may help Greece to buy government bonds out in the secondary market.

The Chinese authorities may grant Greece a loan in order to finance the purchase of government bonds which are on the verge of default in the secondary market of the republic. The Appropriate financial assistance is designed to help in the national debt reducing, reports Reuters referring to a source in the cabinet of Greece. Read more.

четверг, 4 августа 2011 г.

Выполнение инженерно-геологических изысканий включает в себя комплекс различных видов работ с привлечением к выполнению этих работ специалистов разного профиля. В общем все виды работ можно разделить на три основные группы:
  1. 1.Полевые работы
  2. 2.Лабораторные работы
  3. 3.Камеральные работы
Полевые работы
Подразделяются на бурение разведочных и технических скважин с отбором образцов нарушенной и ненарушенной структуры, а также проведениеполевых испытаний  грунтов.
Лабораторные работы:
Лабораторные исследования грунтов и воды, определения физических,    механических,
прочностных, фильтрационных и других характеристик грунтов.
Камеральные работы:
                 На этом этапе обрабатываются результаты полевого и лабораторного этапов инженерно-геологических изысканий.

Технология производства буровых работ
Буровые работы на выполняются буровой установкой.
Буровая установка предназначена для бурения инженерно-геологических и гидрогеологических скважин различными способами (ударно-канатный, вращательный, шнековый), позволяет производить отбор образцов грунта с нарушенной и ненарушенной структурой различными способами...

среда, 3 августа 2011 г.

"Chrysler" will get 9 stepped ratio auto gearbox in 2 years.

"U.S. automaker Chrysler and Germany's ZF prepare to run 9 stepped ratio auto gearbox production for its front wheel drive models", says The Detroit News. Chrysler intends to modernize the equipment at the Kokomo plant in Indiana having invested 843 million of dollars into the transmission reconstruction for these purposes. Read more.

понедельник, 1 августа 2011 г.

Retired Governor of Tver Oblast becomes a farmer.

Dmitry Zelenin a former Governor of Tver Region will work in the Russian Managers Association and the Foundation "Good start" as well as in agriculture also, reports "RBC daily" newspaper. Investments in future agricultural projects would reach billions of rubles and annual turnover would be on the level of one billion of rubles. Mr. Zelenin has said that he plans to attract co-investors also, but he intends to retain the business management as an owner. Read more.