пятница, 22 апреля 2011 г.

Looking for project financing ways: direct investments.

A tendency of growth of direct investments is being observed in the world nowadays. It doesn't matter what life stage experiences your company, you can use direct investments for a business development anyway. Direct investments: yes or no? The basic plus of direct investments is a fast opportunity to receive necessary means for a project realization. For this purpose can serve not only money but also non-material actives — a consulting help, knowledge and communications of a investor, his authority in business circles. Direct investments bear also certain obligations for a person who attracts them. First, an investor counts on an income which can help him to return investments back, - annual rate is not below than 25-35 %. Second, a company awaits some transformations in a management structure – an investor not only supports a company but pretends to participate in development of strategic positions. An investor or an authorized person takes a position of a financial director or another position of top management in most cases. Read more.

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