среда, 19 октября 2011 г.

Perm Engine Company invests in the ecology

About 1 billion of rubles this is the cost of the "EKOSTOK" environmental protection program which is being embodied in the "Perm Motor Plant" PLC. This is the reason of the visiting to the factory of Oleg Chirkunov the Perm Krai governor. The Environmental protection program of the"EKOSTOK" is being performed at the "PMZ" JSC since 2008. Its main objectives - reducing the discharge of industrial effluents into the municipal sewers (reducing rates: 1.42 million of m3 less per a year), amount of the slops and storm sewage in the left tributary of the Egoshiha river (reducing rates: 70 000 of m3 per a year), volume of the intake of fresh water from the reservoir at the Votkinsk (reducing rates: 1.42 million of m3 per a year). Read more.

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