четверг, 28 апреля 2011 г.

Google invests $168 million into solar power.

Building of a new power station complex has started in California (USA) autumn 2010, which is one of the largest in the world. BrightSource Energy leads the building process of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS). Famous Internet corporation Google has announced its intention to support the project on past Monday. ISEGS will consist of three blocks which working principle is based on turbine rotating by means of water vapor. There is a tower with water filled reservoirs in the center of the construction along numerous heliostats (mirrors with area of some square meters) placed around. Read more.

пятница, 22 апреля 2011 г.

Looking for project financing ways: direct investments.

A tendency of growth of direct investments is being observed in the world nowadays. It doesn't matter what life stage experiences your company, you can use direct investments for a business development anyway. Direct investments: yes or no? The basic plus of direct investments is a fast opportunity to receive necessary means for a project realization. For this purpose can serve not only money but also non-material actives — a consulting help, knowledge and communications of a investor, his authority in business circles. Direct investments bear also certain obligations for a person who attracts them. First, an investor counts on an income which can help him to return investments back, - annual rate is not below than 25-35 %. Second, a company awaits some transformations in a management structure – an investor not only supports a company but pretends to participate in development of strategic positions. An investor or an authorized person takes a position of a financial director or another position of top management in most cases. Read more.

среда, 20 апреля 2011 г.

Who are Business Angels?

There are a lot of types of angel investors with different personalities and motives in modern business world. Despite this adversity, many angel investors divide into three main categories: Core angels - These are individual investors with impressive business experience who have managed and owned successful businesses of their own. Their solid amount of financial wealth is a result of a relatively long period of time. They are committed to angel investing and continue to be involved with high risk investments despite their losses. They possess a diversified portfolio that involves all industries, including public and private equity and real estate. They can be a valuable mentors and advisors to their invested companies. Read more.

понедельник, 18 апреля 2011 г.

Intel invests 45 million of dollars in India this year.

The market of India becomes more and more attractive to foreign investors. For example there were 99 large business agreements with various Indian companies in 2009 for total sum of 356 million of dollars and 92 in 2010 but with $449 million profit according to Wall Street Journal.Intel intends to continue venture capital investments into the Indian market this year besides the market gets more and more competitive. This year investment sum make 45 million of dollars and some transactions are already being executed. This sum is not huge enough but this is the largest Intel investment outside of the USA. Read more.

пятница, 15 апреля 2011 г.

"Priorbank" invests into Belorussian environment.

The Belorussian "Priorbank" being a part of Raiffeisen Bank International AG group is planning to receive 70 million of dollars from the IFC (the International financial corporation) for credit operations to support projects in sphere of Belarus power efficiency. It is expected that the IFC board of directors will make a decision concerning the credit and its conditions in May this year. Read more.

среда, 13 апреля 2011 г.

"Vympelcom" invests 1 billion of roubles in a network of Bashkiria.

Means are planned to be input into building of base stations of GSM and 3G standards directly. The ministry will provide with information of settlements where is no mobile communication, help to remove all administrative barriers in legal registration of documentation”, informs the press-service of the Ministry of Communications and mass communications. Read more.

понедельник, 11 апреля 2011 г.

Donald Tramp invests 250 million of dollars in infrastructure of Georgia.

Donald Tramp invests 250 million of dollars in housing estates and hotel building in the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi and seaside city of Batumi in Adzharia under the concluded contract between Donald Tramp's company and Silk Road Group - announces the press-service of President Administration of Georgia on Friday, April 1st.
The agreement has been signed during president of Georgia visit to the USA. Michael's Saakashvili visit to the USA began with Tramp's meeting. Read more

пятница, 8 апреля 2011 г.

METRO GROUP plans to invest more than 100 million of euros in Russia.

The German trading concern known as Metro Group is one of the largest retailer in the world, plans to invest more than 100 million of euro in Russian market this year and expects to open not less than six new shops, - says France Muller the Metro Group councilor of directors and the Metro Cash and Carry head in the markets of Asia and the CIS.

It has reminded that in 2010 the company has opened in Russia 17 new trading objects and there are all formats of Metro in the country now except department stores of Galeria Kaufhof. So all trading centers in Russia amount to 104 subdivisions (past year statistic). Read more