среда, 22 июня 2011 г.

Rambler is starting to invest into startups.

The joint company "Afishi" and Rambler creates his own venture capital fund, promising to invest up to $ 100 thousand into projects at an early stage of development. Preference will be given to developments in electronic commerce, personal and mass communications. A similar venture project has been launched in the spring by "Yandex". "Rambler-Fund" will be initiated in the capital at a start-up stage when a project starts or only exists on a level of ideas. The fund volumes are not disclosed but the company intends to spend at least $ 1 million into startups as investment means annually. A project investment input range from $ 50000 to $ 100000 for a period of 6 - 12 months but it's not the limit and may be increased in case of a very promising project. It is planned to invest about ten projects per a year. Read more.

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